AOC Grand cru

Grand Cru Engelberg

An exceptional site

Within the boundaries of the township of Dahlenheim, Engelberg occupies 14.8 hectares on the southern flank of the Scharrach slope, at an altitude of between 250 and 300 m.
It offers pebbled, limestone-marl soils that are very uniform, shallow and rich in fossils, especially in the extreme western part, where the Muschelkalk (shell-limestone layer) is predominant.
Its southern exposure and relatively steep slopes provide lengthy exposure to the sun and an ideal micro-climate.

Favoured varietals

At the Engelberg winery, Gewurtztraminer and Riesling are the stars of the show, but the Tokay Pinot Gris and Muscat are also highly acclaimed.

On the stage of history

The first recorded reference to Engelberg is in 884 A.D., for its fine wines. Records from 1135 A.D. note that the diocese of the cathedral of Strasbourg
and its numerous religious communities were the proprietors of this land.

Typical characteristics

Engelberg wines are well-balanced, full-bodied and have an elegant bouquet. They are at their best after several years of aging and over time develop the remarkable, delicate aromas that are characteristic of limestone-marl soils..


Sec, racé, fruité, exquis d'une grande finesse aux nuances florale ou minérales.


Corsé, bien charpenté, légèrement moelleux, aux élégantes notes de fleurs....